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Electrical Diagnosis of Automotive HVAC system South Florida

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When the air conditioning system in your car makes an odd sound or smell or simply fails to work, call the experts at Auto A/C World Inc.! We will diagnose the problem and offer an immediate solution.

Diagnostic Services for Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

If there is something wrong with your car’s air conditioning system, allow the experts over at Auto A/C World Inc. to diagnose the problem. With over thirty years of experience diagnosing and repairing air conditioning systems of cars throughout South Florida, our team is prepared and able to deal with every type of air conditioning system problem in almost any type of vehicle.

For more information about our auto air conditioning diagnosing and repair services, get in touch with us as soon as possible by calling the number below or dropping us a message through our convenient contact form.

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Electrical Diagnosis of Automotive HVAC system South Florida
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Signs of Malfunction

One of the main signs of a malfunctioning auto air conditioning system is odd sounds when you try to use the air conditioning system. If you hear a clicking noise when you turn your system on, it’s likely that the bolts that are used to hold your air conditioning system together in your car are worn out. Hearing a buzzing sound from your air conditioning system means that new refrigerant is needed. The sound of screeching when you turn on your air conditioning system means that there is trouble with the fan that cools your system while a squealing sound means that the serpentine belt is not in ideal condition.

Sometimes it’s hard to identify what is wrong with your system. Your system might stop working entirely or will work inconsistently. When this happens, the problem is likely to be an electrical issue or an issue that stems from your car’s evaporator or cooling fan. In this case, a mechanic from Auto A/C World Inc. can figure out what’s wrong—and then fix it.

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Electrical Diagnosis of Automotive HVAC system South Florida

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