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    We specialized in Automotive Air Conditioning Service, Repair and Installation in a
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  • The Best Car Repair and

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    We specialize in complete auto care at a low cost and in a
    professional manner.
  • The Best Car Repair and

    Maintenance Service

    We specialize in complete auto care at a low cost and in a
    professional manner.


Auto A/C World, Inc.

Auto A/C World, Inc. has provided high quality specialized automotive air conditioning service in the tri-county area of South Florida. Experienced in all makes and models of cars and trucks – foreign and domestic, our staff is ready to service your automobile or even install a system if your vehicle does not have a factory installed air conditioning. Licensed and Insured MVR #6444 - MV #29909 

Who we are?

From humble beginnings…
Auto A/C World, Was founded in 1987 as a mobile air-conditioning service. By 1995 the mobile service became Auto A/C World, Inc. Today, this family-owned and operated automotive air-conditioning specialty shop has made its home in the Doral Area of South Florida.

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Top Quality Auto A/C Repair Service

Our certified and professional technicians can perform a lot to all of auto air conditioning services from testing and standard maintenance to full Auto A/C system repair. Auto A/C World, Inc. Specialist can check your A/C system, make a diagnosis and provide professional repair solutions.

Some Of Our Services

Electrical diagnosis

Auto A/C World is the place you want to be when your car is experiencing electrical or electronic problems because we have the equipment, experience, training and forward thinking to efficiently diagnose Electrical System failures of all sorts.

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Repair of the HVAC system

If your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system has broken down and you’ve noticed it’s not quite as spry as it once was, you may be contemplating your repair vs. replacement needs. When determining repair vs. replacement, there are many considerations.

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Computer sensors

Today, car manufacturers include at least one computer in automobiles. This computer’s main function is to monitor and adapt engine and transmission operations. The computer also controls your HVAC system it receives information from many different sensors.

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Vehicle harness repair

We are your source for wiring harness repair, rebuilding, customizing & restoration. We offer complete rebuilding, basic and major repair, full restoration and customizing of your wiring harnesses. With over 8 years of wiring harness, electrical, and automotive ...

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Fuses and relays

The importance of replacing a fuse is directly related to the system or component that no longer works. A radio or A/C fuse that is burnt might mean you are slightly inconvenienced while an ABS brake or headlamp fuse that is burnt out could lead to an unsafe driving condition.

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Engine Controls

The engine control system can be an on-board computer in your vehicle. Automotive engine control systems are accountable for regulating exhaust emissions, and providing increased fuel economy. 

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