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Automotive Air Conditioning Leak Detection South Florida

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Don’t waste your money re-gassing your air conditioning system without testing for leaks. Auto A/C World Inc.’s complete diagnostic testing can identify a leak that could lead to unneeded additional cost in one way or another. Call today! 

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Refrigerant losses not only damage your vehicle’s air conditioning system but also harm our environment. That's why leak detection services are becoming essential to proper car maintenance

Here at Auto A/C World Inc., our team uses our many years of expertise and the latest in detection technology to find and plug any leaks in your AC system. You can always rely on our professionalism for reliable and quick detection. Our technology meets worldwide industry standards, and allows to ensure your car AC is safer and more efficient. Contact us to get professional and dependable leakage detection services today.

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Automotive Air Conditioning Leak Detection South Florida
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Signs You Might Have Sprung A Leak

Since A/C refrigerant is a gas at certain stages of the cooling cycle, a tiny crack or unnoticeable hole somewhere can allow it to escape — making it extra hard for you to notice leaks. However, the following symptoms could alert you to the possibility that you have sprung one:

1. The AC is blowing warm air – If you feel like your car A/C is blowing hot even though the temperature setting on the dash is at its lowest point, you might be losing refrigerant. However, leaks aren’t the only reasons why this might be happening, so you should always have it checked out.

2. Your AC makes a clicking sound while running – If you notice a clicking noise while your car A/C is running, your compressor might be short cycling. Some drivers compare this sound to a loud switch turning on and off continuously. In many cases, it is especially noticeable if one is standing outside of a car with the A/C running.

If you’re breaking a sweat over a warm or weak car A/C, don’t! Drive to Auto A/C World Inc. for professional car air conditioning repairs. We guarantee to have the answers to all your vehicle’s issues.

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Automotive Air Conditioning Leak Detection South Florida

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