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Air conditioning services

Why Choose Us?

Auto A/C World, Inc. Air Conditioning Services

Auto A/C World, Inc. has provided high quality specialized automotive air conditioning service in the tri-county area of South Florida.
Experienced in all makes and models of cars and trucks – foreign and domestic, our staff is ready to service your automobile or even install a system if your vehicle does not have a factory installed air conditioning.

Our full Air Conditioning services include:
  • Air Conditioning Service, Re-Gas and Repairs.
  • Air Conditioning refrigerants R-12, R-134, 1234yf+.
  • Air Conditioning Service for all car models including prestige motor vehicles and trucks.
  • Installation of Car Air Conditioning Evaporators and Condensers.
  • Installation of New Car Air Conditioning Compressors to suit all models.
  • Complete Car Air Conditioning Diagnostic, Leak Detection and Repairs.

Our comprehensive air conditioning service provided at Auto A/C World, Inc is improved by extra services including deodorization and sanitization of the system, replacement of hoses, valves, receiver drier filter, thermostats and cleaning of radiator by manufacturer specifications. In other terms, The Auto A/C World, Inc auto air conditioning services ensure that the car’s condition is not only as good as the original but is working at optimum capacity.

For all auto air conditioning services, our skilled mechanics use modern equipment and branded components to certify the quality of service. We start every repair with a professional diagnosis to make sure we have identified the real cause of your problem for air conditioning service.

  • Air conditioner compressor drive belt for cracks or damage.
  • Air conditioner components for leaks or damage.
  • The proper working of the air conditioner compressor and other components.
  • Inspection of drive belts and pulleys.
  • Check operation of valves and thermostats.
  • Inspection of hoses and components.
  • Condenser temperature check.
  • Suction line temperature reading.
  • Leak test system lines and components with an electronic leak detector and ultra-violet leak detection.
  • Run vehicle to check air vent temperature.
  • System PSI pressure reading to verify Refrigerant level.
  • Output temperature check.
  • Blower fan and compressor examination to ensure proper operation.
  • Belts and hoses inspection to discover indications of aging and potential failure.
  • Diagnosis of possible problems with faulty switches, fuses, wiring, the condenser, or internal compressor seal failure.

We will check
Once we ascertain the actual cause for your vehicle’s problems, we will perform the correct service, such as:
  • Evacuating refrigerant from the system
  • Recharging the system refrigerant
  • Charge system with recommended refrigerant type and capacity (if required)
  • Performing any necessary service on air conditioner components
  • Replace leaky hoses or seals
  • Recheck the entire air conditioning system to ensure it is working as it should
We can design, manufacture and install new car air conditioning systems to suit a diversity of vehicles:
  • Cars old & new
  • Rear A/C for people movers and animal transport
  • Truck Air Conditioning & Sleeper Cabs
  • Buses
  • Older & custom vehicles

We build air conditioning units that best suit your requirements and at a competitive price. Whether it be under dash, rooftop, ceiling mounted or fully integrated. Our units are designed and built to the industry standards.

Don’t put your CAR in the hands of an inexperienced REPAIR CENTER.

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